Life With Fred is episode four of George Bush's Idiot Adventures. It is a crossover with The Adventures of Fred.

Life With Fred Plot

George W. Bush failed to get a Game Triangle so Chuck Norris went to kill him. Bowser saw this as an opportunity to steal George's underwear and sent him a present.

While George was eating Yoshi eggs he saw the present, Peach's Head! George Bush told Popple that he wished that whoever sent it to him would implode. Popple granted it, but with a twist. Popple would go back in time and make George send it!

Meanwhile George's secretary was hitting on a guy called Fred. Fred had to go to the bathroom so she told him the directions.
Life With Fred

George's secretary hangs out with Fred (in widescreen)

Meanwhile Chuck Norris roundhousekicked George Bush's time machine and it became a body swap machine!

It is revealed that Fred is Bowser and he is trying to steal New Luigi's underwear.

George Bush and Popple and shoved in the Time Machine and switch bodies.

The episode ends with a to be continued.

Life With Fred Trivia

  • This is the first instance of inventions being screwed up.
  • George Bush doesn't die!
  • Waffles.

Mario Sightings

  • Mario delivers the peach head.
  • Mario is at the Time Machine.
  • Mario is hitting on the secretary.
  • Mario can be seen throwing up next to George Bush before he gets shoved into the Time Machine.

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