Light Yagami is a guy that hates Mario's guts and he appears in Mario & the Death Note. He wants to kill Mario with his Death Note but he can't because he uses the code name M(his brother Luigi was L but Light kills him). He plans to use his death note to rid the world of toads(and evil but mostly toads).


He hates toads because they taste bad but he finds a book called the death note on the ground and he finds out it can kill people if you write their name in it. He makes an excuse to kill the toads and calls them evil and starts killing the toads that are criminals. A shinigami named Ryuk tells him that he knows M's real name but he wont tell him because he hasn't given him any apples. Light gets confused and thinks he was talking about something else. Light later loses to M and Ryuk writes his name in the death note because he didn't get enough apples. M later write's Misa's name in the death note but gets mad because he finds out its princess peach and writes her name in it again for cheating on him for Light. Many people think light deserved to die because he's an idiot.

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