Locked in the Bathroom for 17 years is an episode of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show!. It was the only show where the tiny moron that everybody hates appears. It was also supposed to "break the fourth wall" but it was so crappy that Nobody noticed.


WARIO eats a couple of tons of beans and makes his biggest dream come true.

  • Wario *farts loud up to 260 decibels*- Oh man, that was a good one.
  • Bowser - No, it wasn't. Even Peach can do better.
  • Wario - You think so? .
  • Bowser - Of course! when I kidnapped her last time, she managed to escape using her gasses.
  • Waluigi - That's why Mario loves her. She isn't worth of a geeky freak like that.
  • Wario - So, what are you waiting for? go and kidnap her, now!
  • Waluigi - Don't look at me! Bowser is the specialist in it.
  • Wario - Excuse me for a second but I have to go to the toilet.
  • Bowser - After the Koomba Wars, there's only one left in the whole universe, so hurry!
  • Wario - Don't plan anything without me! See ya in a second!

A second later

  • Bowser - He's not back yet! What happened to him?
  • Waluigi - Let's check wut happened to him.
  • Dimentio - Why? He should mamage by himself in a bathroom. He's not a baby... I think...
  • Super Dimentio - Let's just phone him. Check if he's all right.
  • Ultra Dimentio - We're not gonna waste our money on that!

Waluigi shoots him with a banana

  • Bowser - So, we have one less loser to feed.
  • Waluigi - Hurry! The episode is gonna finish in 17 years!
  • Wabowarigi - That's plenty of time! how about leaving Wario in bathroom for the rest of the episode?
  • Bowser - 'K. What we will do during those 17 years?
  • Shigeru Miyaymoto - Enjoying the freedom from a fat boss?
  • Waluigi - You dare calling Wario fat!

Waluigi uses his banana again

  • Baby George W. Bush - Let's play videogames for the rest of our lives!
  • Waluigi - Nah, they're boring.
  • Bowser - So wut we can do?

Bowser spent 17 years on deciding on what to do

  • Waluigi - Hurry up! we'll soon have to rescue Wario!
  • Bowser - Who said about rescuing Wario? The show would be much better without him!
  • Wabowarigi - No, it can't! It's called Wario Bros. Wah-wah show!
  • Bowser - So, change the name of it!
  • Waluigi - But if we change the name, we won't be in this show anymore!
  • Bowser - Who votes for Bowser Bros. Wah-wah Show?


  • Waluigi - Our time for this episode is up! let's say cheerio to our audience... If we have any...
  • Bowser - You're weird! Our show is s crap that it's barely watched. See them? *Points at you* They're not even looking at us!
  • Wabowarigi - Aha! We have some audience so...
  • Baby Bowser - We're not gonna loose our job! Bwa ha ha ha! ehm... I mean yay.
  • Wawario - This show sucks...
  • you - Yup! it could be a lot better if you...
  • Bowser - Hey, you're not even in this show! Waluigi, you know what to do...

Waluigi takes out his banana but discovers that it's rotten

  • Waluigi - Oh noez! I've nearly forgotten about my preacious weapon! Sorry ma'am!
  • Bowser - Hey, listen! What we're going to do with this guy?
  • Bowser Jr - Man, I'm getting kinda bored now. can we finish now?
  • Wabowarigi - Nope.

a strange silence has fallen among them

The End


  • It took only five hours to make this, though the total time spent in the bathroom was 17⅞ years.
  • You were supposed to be killed in the show
  • No one knew what happened to Wario, so everyone forgot about him.


  • Never go to bathroom without consulting an appropriate adult
  • Never have an organic weapon with you or it's gonna be kinda rotten.
  • Never join a show or you're gonna be kinda dead
  • Never eat bathrooms on a Monday.