Lucario 04
Real Name: Lucario
Birth: 2006
Age: 200
Health: VERY Healthy
Family and relatives: Dr. Eggman?
Impostor(s) None
Death: Not Dead

Lucario is a genetic experiment gone RIGHT. It happened when Dr. Eggman was trying to create a better sugar snack to make himself even more obese, but instead created something stronger, faster, and better than Sonic, which immediately broke free and cloned himself multiple times in the wilds of the Isle of Stupidity, where Eggman built his laboratory. After breaking free, Lucario joined in with all the freaks who think they are Pokemon, although he was not REALLY a freak. Since Lucario was made by Dr. Eggman, he is part jackal, part robot, and has some of Bruce Lee's DNA.

Personal Life

Lucario usually kept to himself, until he found living creatures, which he then stalked so that he could have them for DINNER. Some creatures were too powerful to eat, so he become their ally instead.

Lucario Meets Mario

One day when Lucario was devouring his latest victim, Mario confronted him. Mario said, "Oh! Thats-a my favorite thing-y to snack on too!" Lucario just looked at him with his mouth stuffed with blood and meat, then followed him. Mario took Lucario into an alley, where they met up with Wario and drove to Rio, then ate many shrooms and made the smash-hit music video, Mario Wario Lucario.

Furrie Tale


Ever since the 4th generation Pokémon games have come out, furries have went batcrap for Lucario. Furries have shown their appreciation to Lucario by drawing pictures of Lucario getting screw in the arse and masturbating. Every user at WikiFur worships the Pokémon and puts it on a higher pedestal than Black Jesus. There have also been renditions of Lemon Party featuring two Lucarios and one Charizard.Clearly, Lucario is the sexiest creature alive.

Almost all Lucarios drawn are male, thus proving that all furries are idiots. Although some furries may disagree with that statement


  • Lucario once bit off Waluigi's left hand, which he had to then get it replaced by a pickle.
  • Lucario is able to see Wario's butt from miles away, as can anyone else.
  • His eyes are red only because he spilled spaghetti sauce in them.
  • He has expert training in the ancient and powerful martial art, Chuck-Fon-Deu.
  • Lucario appears as a the main (pro-antagonist?) in the shame, Lucario's Feet Worship. He's also a playable character in Mario Fart Racing.
  • He is secretly a member of The Furries.

Mario Tag Stats

  • Strength: 4.2/5
  • Speed: 4.5/5
  • Jump: 3.8/5
  • Special ability: 3.5/5