Lucario's Feet Worship is a shame created by a mysterious cult called the Furries for the NintenDO Wee. It fully utilizes the Weemote Bacon Controller to do more than just rub Lucario's Beautiful Feet as you play as some guy called Ass Ketchum.

Lucario's Feet Worship

The awesome box art


The story starts when Ass Ketchum follows the legendary hero Lucario around and watches him do stuff, like taking out the trash, slashing people's throats, eating berries, ect. But then, he realizes that Ass Ketchum is following him and captures him in a burlap sack. He then wakes up in the secret facility in which Lucario lives. Lucario gives Ass a choice to either do impossibly tough challenges of death or rub his feet. When Ass chooses to rub his feet, he does so for 5 excruciatingly long hours, then Ass becomes intoxicated by poisonous Waluigi fumes in the room, which makes everything he is doing completely different. He now has to become an extreme parkourist and a master of the legendary SWORD OF DINNER to defeat some of the more powerful haters, (such as Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Guy.) After he has done this, he has to do a "Bowser's Inside Story Type Thing," but with Lucario and less fire. Once Lucario is defeated by a random broken bone, Ass Ketchum wakes up to find that he had only fallen asleep and has to rub and worship Lucario's feet for the rest of eternity, along with six other weaklings.


To play the game, you must use the Weemote Bacon Controller to guide Ass Ketchum Left, Right, Up, Down, Diagonal, and Interdimensional without eating the bacon that the controller is made out of. There is also special mini games, if you pick to do the tough challenges instead of rubbing Lucario's feet. These mini games include fighting the most evil and powerful haters imaginable in different ways, such as extreme bowling and underwater hockey. When inside Lucario, the gameplay changes so it's almost exactly like that game that I mentioned earlier.



  • Because of the enormously powerful enemies, this shame is almost impossible to finish.
  • This is why most who play this will stay on the part where you rub Lucario's feet.
  • Waluigi claims to have beat the game six times, but he is probably lying.
  • Mario was too sick to be in the game, so he was replaced by Secret Mario, who is actually Mario in a trenchcoat.
  • This is the first game to be created by the Furries and licensed by NintenDO.

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