A Lumma is this thing that looks like a cross between a star and a marshmallow. They are very cute and harmless and they trust everyone, which is their biggest mistake.


Lummas come from the sky and... that's all we know about them. No one's bothered to do much about learning more.


One day, and abused Lumma named Henry met a sweet young girl named Rosalina who seemed hurt and distraught. The Lumma befriened the seemingly harmless girl and became her friend. Rosalina asked Henry to take them to the other Lummas. Henry did so, not knowing that Rosalina was really a psycho. When she met the others, she used her magic wand to ensalve them all and forced all of the mbut henry to do her own deeds of evil. Henry became Rosalina's personal assistant.

The Kingdom

She used them to take over and conquer lands. She selfishly called the final product "The Kingdom of the Crystal Shoes," after the sparkly crystal shoes she wore. However, Weegee and Malleo came along one day and took over. Malleo burned most of the kingdom down with his fire flower and Weegee broke their spirits with his stare. He then took over, but then in return, he got over thrown.


Rosalina and her Lummas formerly lived in a Mansion made of solid gold with Rosalina's rich husband, Dark Meta Knight. Rosalina still uses the Lummas, but only for things she's too lazy to do herself. Henry is forced to do her laundry and take out the trash, as well as advise her, while everyone else does the most terrible jobs you can imagine. However, Rosalina dumped Dark Meta Knight for Mario, who is considred far worse than Dark Meta Knight was, taking advantage of the min the worse was ever.

Conservation Status

Lummas have been abused by the evil Rosalina and Dark Meta Knight, but they are all still alive, although they might be on nearing extinction soon. Lummas have big orange eyes.