Banzai Bill

Magnum Bill, also known as Banzai Bill in Japan.

Magnum Bills are really big Bullet Bills with a face that first appered in Mama Luigi's Mansion. They appeared randomly out of nowhere and bombed the crap out of you, making it impossible to win this game.


  • ALL MAGNUM BILLS HATE MUSTACHES! So they hate Mama Luigi most of all.
  • They love to be scratched by cats because they have Cat Scratch Fever.

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Sometime in the past, Bowser was able to clone a Magnum Bill and make smaller versions of it. He installed these smaller clones, known as Bullet Bills, all
Bullet bill

The Bullet Bill (photo not to scale).

over his castle, his fortresses, and even in random fields. However, he had them removed soon after because they were firing into the walls and not harming Mario whatsoever. They appeared in Stupid Mario Brothers as enemies in Worlds 6-8, and could be defeated by jumping on them. They are impervious to fire.

Bullet Bills are conveniently designed with stubby arms instead of a mouth, so they can work more and talk less. However, Bullet Bills are universally stupid and have no brain to speak of, so they are completely useless as minions. They are better suited to be used as weapons, firing at enemies and crushing them.


Images Defintion
Bullet bill2

A classic case of a Bullet Bill stupidly destroying Bowser's property.

A Picture of Bullet Bill
Metal Bullet Bill