That's Mama Luigi to YOU Mario.

Mama Luigi is Luigi's extremely amazing alter-ego who likes Bagels. He first appeared in Mama Luigi's Mansion, where he is the main character, having lotsa Spahgetti stolen from Peach. He then appeared in Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, and the Super Mario World Animated/Cartoon Show.Mama Luigi made a re-appearance in Paper Squadala Man, where he was a partner.


Mama Luigi's favorite game is Grand Theft Sesame Street. His most prized possession is his Magic Pasta. Her hobbie is chisling and selling footballs to pay off childcare.

Mama Luigi in the War

Mama Luigi took part in the Video Game Wars. When he said 'Bagel!', Yushee thought that he was a bagel and ate him. He died in Yushee's Stomach. He was digested into an egg which Yushee crushed. It killed him.

Mama Luigi's Transformation

Although Mama Luigi was assumed killed by Yushee, when Mama Luigi ate his Magic Pasta during the events of Mama Luigi's Mansion, his essence was fused with it, creating Gay Luigi. It is thus assumed that some other soul then entered his body (presumably Gay guy's soul), and, thus, it was really Gay guy that was killed by Yushee, and Mama Luigi still lives in the body of Gay Luigi, fused with his Magic Pasta.

The Fail Adventures of Mama Luigi

The Fail Adventures of Mama Luigi is a shameful show starring Mama Luigi about her going on crazy dumb adventures with Baby Yoshi and Dic cartoon Mario .It is a sequal to the Super Mario Super Show World's episode Mama Luigi. In every episode Mama Luigi says his very famous lines such as "That's Mama Luigi to YOU Mario!" or "It's a football I chisled it myself!" and then a huge crowd applauds him. There was only one episode because all the creators died after being aten by a alien crab robot.                      


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