The gameplay of this shame is widely unknown, most likely because it was so stupid that nobody was stupid enough to play it. However, it is known is that Toadsworth spent seven days in bed there after breaking his back trying to go bowling with Fawful. Apparently, Mama Luigi nursed him back to health.


As stated above, the gameplay is widely unknown, but it is known by some of the creators, sort of. You see, most of the developers were brainwashed by angry fans for creating such a terrible shame, and thus wanted to make them forget they made it. Although this was successful, one lucky collaborator of the shame went without brainwashing, but alas, he was crazy already, and we were only able to get sketchy information about the gameplay of this shame. He was able to tell us that the story involved "Mama Luigi's Magic Pasta being stolen from her by some strange dinosaur, and Mama Luigi thus rode it into his mansion". He then trailed of into mumbling. We were unable to get much more out of him, but he did manage to tell us that to beat the game the player had to remove all of the Magic Pasta from the mansion, using the strange dinosaur to get it.


  • Squadala Man: Squadala Man is supposedly the main antagonist in this shame, and, according to some, he was forcing Mario to make lotsa Spaghetti, but that is in stark contrast to the information we got out of that collaborator. But, well, come to think of it, he was crazy. Anyway, Squadala Man is never actually confronted, because the shame ends when Mama Luigi eats his Magic Pasta.
  • Yoshi: Yoshi is another important antagonist. He started the whole ordeal by stealing Mama Luigi's Magic Pasta, and threw it all into the mansion. Ironically, Mama Luigi rides on Yoshi during much of the game.

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