Maman Luigi's magicPasta

"Aaaahhh..... Itsa my Magic Pasta!" says Mama Luigi

Mama Luigi's Magic Pasta is Mama Luigi's most prized possession, not to mention the center of the story behind the shame Mama Luigi's Mansion.


Mama Luigi's Magic Pasta was created by Wowser when Mama Luigi walked past him with a bowl of Spaghetti. It is infused with magical abilities, allowing Mama Luigi to use his secret magic powers. It is unknown why he never uses them.


Mama Luigi's Magic Pasta has only been featured in one shame, the very obscure and hated Mama Luigi's Mansion, in which it was stolen by Yoshi. The player would then beat the game by collecting all of the missing Magic Pasta from Mama Luigi's Mansion, ending with Mama Luigi eating it and transforming into Gay Luigi.


Although the Magic Pasta is not alive, Mama Luigi once explained that the Magic Pasta was in fact alive, but it didn't talk because it was too shy. This has lead to speculation that being around the Magic Pasta for years has lead Mama Luigi suffering substantial brain damage.

The Destruction of the Magic Pasta

The Magic Pasta has not completely been destroyed, but really was just fused with Mama Luigi when he ate it, becoming the hybrid Gay Luigi.

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