Mario's Heart is a shame for the Shamestation Squared about New Mario.


Mario lived on Charm Island with his friends, but one day Yam-Yams invaded the island and possessed Luigi. Then they ate Peachycakes and Mario got the Forkblade to destroy the Yam-Yams.


Level 1: Dream

In this level Mario is dreaming that Toad gave him Mickey Mousey, Shieldybob and Shur Iken as weapons. Then Yam-Yams attacked Mario along with a giant Yam-Yam called Yummy. Then Mario woke up.

Level 2: Charm Island

In this level Peachycakes makes Mario run errands, fight Luigi, and kill 3 stupid goombas named Sally, Tidal and Wokko. That night the real Yam-Yams ate Peachycakes and kidnapped Riku. Toad gave Mario the Forkblade and Mario defeated Yummy for real.

Level 3: Torterra Town

Mario went to town but the yam-yams were still there. Mario ran into a store and met Kiddy, Aireith, Yuppy and the Kupo's. But then Leon walked in and killed Mario, but then Mario came back and they were friends. Then Kiddy pointed at a door and told Mario that a Yam-Yam was coming named Knightim. Mario fought Knightim and met Fredrick the Duck and a Yellow Dog. They joined Mario and they flew in a gummy bear elsewhere.

Level 4:Jungleland

Mario met Tarzan who joined him, then a tiger named Jackal walked up. Mario killed it 5 times but then Tarzan was eaten by an antelope. Mario didn't care so he fought a mean man riding on top of a Camo Yam. Then Queen Spade walked up and threw a cat named Doris at Mario,but Mario dodged and went looking for Luigi.

Level 5:Town Again

Mario went back to town and killed more Yam Yams.Then he killed Oiram who was Mario's evil twin.

Level 6: Temple

Mario met Zues who said that Mario stole his lightning bolt, so Mario and his friends got it back from Aeries or whatever and Psoiden was happy, Hades wasn't. WIP!!!!!!

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