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Mario's Head
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Mario's Head singing "I Ain't Got No Body".

Real Name: S. Mario 'Head'
Birth: 1994 (created from a mario clone born in 1901)
Age: 19 (died at age of 17)
Health: Killed by Ash Ketchum
Family and relatives: Had no family since being a bodyless clone
Impostor(s) None, but was an impostor of Mario and New Mario
Death: Killed by Tapeario, then rised from the death but was terminated by Ash Ketchum while being drunk.
“I Ain't Got Nobody!”
Mario's Head
“That is my impression of American advertising! Thank you very much, thank you, thank you!”
Mario's Head
“Im-a going to fly for you!”
Mario's Head
“Oh, boy! Finally, Im-a get to move on the ground! Here we go!”
Mario's Head
“Oh! Nice computer you got! Can I have it?”
Mario's Head
Mario's Head
Mario's Head
“I bet you-a can't do this!”
Mario's Head
Mario Head Drinks Molten Iron(02:35)
Mario Head drinks molten iron, but a tragedy suddenly happens...
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Weegee's yearbook page
Mario's Head in the beloved yearbook page. After being killed by Tapeario, Mario's Head rose from the dead. He killed the people on this photo
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Mario's Head is a Mario clone without a body, which grants him the power to fly, and typing is his biggest dream. He is also a rival of Mega Man. Once his head killed Luigi. He has also been in a fight against Wario's Head and Weegee's Head, in which has caused a lot of damage. He also flies for you because he likes to fly for you! He enjoys singing "That's a moray" and adds in some stuff about eating someones snout. He has so many quotes as well, thus, winning Grand Prize at the Grand Quote Olympics.

He was the main star of the game Mario Teaches Typing and had a non-speaking appearance in the beginning of Super Mario 64.

Tapeario Killed mario's head.


But then Ash Ketchum killed Mario's Head.


Youtube Poop Mario kills Luigi(00:00)
When Mario's head' killed Luigi.
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Youtube Poop Mario's Head vs. Wario's Head vsYoutube Poop Mario's Head vs. Wario's Head vs. Weegee's Head(00:00)
An epic battle between the heads.
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Youtube Poop MARIO'S HEAD GOES CRAZY!!!(02:28)
The day Mario's Head went crazy.
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The Original Mario's Sparta Remix of Mario's Head. Of course, this insulted Mario's Head, so he deleted it.
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Mario Head Doesn't Drink(01:39)
Mario's Head gets dehydrated.
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