The shame is rated 'F' for farting.

Mario & Luigi: Fart On Time is a one of the Mario & Luigi Series and one of the Mario Fart Series. This shame was released on Friday 13 June in 2008 on Nintendo SD. Because it was an unlucky day, nobody knew about it's release, but you do now so go and tell the world what you found out.


While Mario was taking care of Baby Mario, he met Luigi, and Luigi said 'Hi, step-bro!* The air is clean today, so let's pollute it.' Mario was happy with that idea, so they started to decide in which way they are going to pollute Mushroom Kingdom. They soon forgot about Baby Mario. While nobody was watching, Baby Mario went to a kitchen** and started to eat beans. When he was full, he tried very hard to fart but he couldn't. Then Wario came and he ate some beans too, but he couldn't fart either. then they both went to Mario and Luigi and they told them what happened. Here starts another boring adventure to save the day.


  • Mario -The farting specialist
  • Luigi -The farting specialist's step-bro
  • Peach -She isn't in this shame but Mario wanted her on the list
  • Daisy -She is not in this shame either
  • Wario -Baby Mario's farting teacher
  • Baby Mario -He is just learning to fart
  • Angry Video Game Nerd -Wasn't even meant to be in this game, but Fartendo sabotaged it.


There is nothing interesting in the gameplay. You just have to fart in your SD's microphone. If you can't then throw this game away.


Mario and the rest of the croud found magical beans, which after eating them will make you fart again. Those beans which Baby Mario ate were the beans which you loose your farting power after eating them.


  • Never eat beans without your supervisor's permission or you will loose your farting power
  • You can't live without farting, otherwise you will explode

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