Mario & Sonic at the Paralympic Games is the official Beijing Paralympic Games shame made by NintenDO, for the Nintendo Whee. The game doesn't have neither Sonic or Mario in it because they got disqualified for having boosted wheelchairs. They were replaced by New Mario and Superspeed Sonic.



Mario & Sonic at the Paralympic Games got an awesome plot. Mario's and Sonic's gang were running to get to the Olympic Games, however some got shot in the eye by a random dude who didn't even appear on screen. Then they got blind and got to use some cool sunglasses. Than the other guys who weren't shot, got jealous and also got a pair of cool sunglasses. Than at the night, because they couldn't see very well, the guys who weren't shot all fell off a cliff and got badly hurt, so they had to use either a stick or a wheelchair. Than they wen't to the Paralympic games instead. However, Mario and Sonic tried to cheat so they got disqualified. Wario also was lucky because he didn't get hurt, but just to join the rest and prove himself the best, he pretended to have a problem in the leg and used a stick.



Mario Team

Sonic Team



Note: There were going to be bosses in the single-player mode of this game, but they were removed when the entire single-player mode was


scrapped. They can still be fought by hacking the game and playing the single-player mode, which is still coded into the game but does not appear onscreen.

  • Mecha Mario
  • King Boo
  • Dry Bowser
  • Some guy named Paul: the final boss of the game, and the one who shot our heroes in the first place. Since no one knows what he looks like, he never actually appears onscreen, making him the hardest boss in video game history.
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