Mario Counts Simple Math was created by NinTENdo for people averagely intelligent. It was too hard for average people to play, so it was rated 500iq+.


The aim of this brain training shame is to teach people numbers 0 to 2 and various maths formulas throughout levels of difficulty. Players can play as their Miis if they are freaked out by Mario already.

Level 0 + 0

This shame starts with a brain warming exercise. Players can learn adding and substracting by 0.

Boss level (2 + 2)

Bowser gives Mario, Luigi and others a maths test and gives them only 674 hours to complete it. It was something like this

1. 2 + 1

2. 2 + 2

Soon the Mario Bros. and others came up with right wrong answers using a complicated formula: E=mc². It turned out that the game could program itself, and it will asplode. After this, Nintspelldo released Mawyo Teeches Symple Spelingkq which had a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes.

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