Boxart before it was cancelled.

Mario Fart Wii was planned to be the sequel to Mario Fart SD, an uber-phailure. This shame (if it came out) will have introduced many new characters, including Politicians. Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Baby Dubya were just a few of those new characters. And other characters like Mari Oh! returned. People knew this was going to be a shame because it was only about FARTING. The soundtracks was thought farting, farting, and of course, farting. The lyrics were sung by some guy saying "Fart." And Nintend'oh put it so as soon as you got to the title screen, Mario farts in your face and gives you a brownose. Also, the player will have had to apply a poorly received peripheral called the Fartimizer to their Wiimote.

Unfortunately, the game reached its downfall on 30 October 275X, where the Fartimizer was classed as a failed peripheral, and Nintend'oh instantly knew that it was required to play the game. And so, not only did they stop selling Fartimizers everywhere, they cancelled the game.

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