The next Mario Kart game. It will be released in 21.00. In this game, guys ride in 2 man karts. One drives, one attacks. Two player mode was released for download. Surprisingly, there is nothing to unlock in this game, and it was perhaps the simplest of them all.

Dear, oh dear, I'm not sure I'll ever find the right image...

Mario kart Quadrillion dash

Err... not quite...

372208-225 metal mario large




  • 10cc: Driving at slow speed.
  • 100cc: Driving at normal speed.
  • 1000cc: Drving at VERY fast speed.
  • 10000cc: For those brave enough to take a challenge, you drive at 10000 km per hour!


Lightning Cup

  • Maple Road
  • Honey Ocean
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Dark Cave

Galaxy Cup

  • Death Star
  • Yoshi Island
  • Pipe Maze
  • Rock Mountain (What a name..)

Hyper Shroom Cup

  • Computer Room
  • Boulder Land
  • Internet
  • Spike Road

Goomba Cup

The name explains it all, this cup is nearly impossible!

  • Pixel Land (land keeps glitching)
  • Goomba Road (<:O)
  • Hax's Lair
  • Bowser's Castle

Adventure mode

A special mode had an adventure mode. The Bullies were the bosses, they tried to ram into you. You had to ram them out. Also, Missingno was a secret boss, he shot pixel tornados at you. Otherwise, it's pretty simple.

  • World 1: Race Peach at 10cc.
  • World 2: Race at 10cc.
  • World 3: Defeat a Bully.
  • World 4: Race Bill Cosby at 100cc.
  • World 5: Race Hax at 100cc.
  • World 6: Defeat a Lava Bully.
  • World 7: Race at 1000cc.
  • World 8: Race Mario and Luigi at 100cc.
  • World 9: Race at 10000cc.
  • World 10: Defeat the Missingno.

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