Mario kart wwhatever is next one dash

Lotsa characters in a little kart

Mario Kart Million Dash is a shame released to the Pii by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo it features realistic graphics and carts for 1,000,000 people to enter at the same time. There was a change from previous versions, the speed is now in km/h, why? Because Nintendo fired all the translators to English Language and sent Kirby to translate the shames.


  • Mario: some pizza maniac

Speed:1 km/h

Weight: 10kg.

Special: Super Mushroom

  • Luigi: likes spagetti and bagels

Speed: 69 km/h

Weight: 11kg

Special: Mama Luigi. A egg hatches with a yoshi that says "Mama Luigi" and everyone dies laughing.

  • Peach: The Fastest of them all.

Speed: 0 km/h

Weight: .9 kg
Special: red roses. kills the sixth place driver.

  • Daisy: The one who always wins. And she has no kart.

Speed: OVER 9000 km/h

Weight: 0.01g

Kart: N/A

Special: Destroying everyone in her path.

  • Wario: The Fattest of Them all. and also the Slowest.

Speed: 15 km/h

Weight: 2 tons.

Kart: Wario Bike.

Special: Farting. because he is The Best Farter ever.

-Waluigi Nothing. Does not move at all.

Speed: 5kph.

Weight: 9999999999999 kg.
Special: Stalking. STALKS the Fourth place driver and YOU lose.

Kart: Standard kart.

-Bowser: the strongest of them all.

Speed: 6kph.

Weight: 300tons.

Special: triple Red shell.

-Toad: The fastest of them all. even Faster than Peach.

Weight: -056 g Speed: 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999kg.
Special: Triple Mushroom.

Speed: 0.2 km/h
Special Item: S.C.A.R.Y

  • Kirby: The translator of this shame

Speed: 50 km/h
Special Item: Japanese-English Dictionary

  • Weegee: The one who ALWAYS comes second.

Speed: 0.5 km/h

Weight: 9.5kg

Special: Turns everyone into a Weegee copy and they can't move (except Daisy)

  • There are still infinite characters to unlock.

Battle the Mirror Mode

In this mode you must beat the guy who appears in the mirror while you are attacking it.

Killing Pikachu Mode

You must kill Pikachu (shotguns, katanas, guillotines, bombs, grenades, eggs...)

Reset Mode

In this mode you must keep resetting the game.

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