The Mario Shames Cancelled was an event that started in January 2007 (that is just two years ago) and hasn't ended yet. Though it isn't like the Videogame War, the event seems like it.

During this time, and probably right now George W. Bush and Nintendo are fighting just because the president wants to cancel Mario shames for having lots of profanity. Three weeks ago, the president killed all of the Nintendo of Americans.

Nintendon't and Nintendo and NintenD'oh are so amazed that Nintendo is dead and because Nintendo is dead the Ninten companies can't work anymore so they comit suicide. While they commit suicide, the only company left is Se-Ga and Rare Wave.

Notice that after the president gets killed (which will be in a few more years) Nintendo will be back up as well as the Mario shames. But for now let's play Sonic and Banjo shames-Mario is dead for now anyway.

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