Mario Whee! is a Whee! shame made by The Hater of this Wikia and the frogs of the Almighty Empire of Whee! It rocked but some RETARDS put it in the TOILET.

+ Features

Lots say it horribly failed because had ABSOLUTELY no PLOT. And Troy, Gabriella and Pencil Sharpener (aka Sharpay) are likely to appear calling 911 and screaming GROOOAM plus vomiting pasta (ew!!!!)

- Features

The Cheese LOVERS say it freaking ROCKED because Mario and that Luigi¦POTATO get spinning and SAYING whee! when they get CHEESE!


Some day Murzon was eating Potato Fries and Mario passed over him while shouting Whee! but then [...] end of the plot

PEGI Warning

This game is NOT to be played by people with lack of imagination. Who complains will be locked in a toilet FULL of Paper! and Poo! Those who survive will be DINNER for the cavewomen.

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