Look behind you! It's McCain disguised as Peach!

Mario Wolf is a shame released to the Nintendo 46 in 9991 and re-released for the Pii's Unreal Console just yesterday costing 10,000,000 Pii Points.


One day Mario wakes up and realizes that he's a wolf. He bites Toad and Toad says "Oh no...". Toad became a wolf and bites Peach and she says "What the heck?". She becomes a wolf and bites a rock, but she breaks her teeth and says that Mario must pay for them. Mario enters a Golf Championship to get the prize and pay Peach. In this tourney Woody the Woodpecker keeps saying "Oh boy!" and kicking the other player's rear. As a result Yoshi wanted to eat Woody, but Woody ate Yoshi first and said "Oh boy!". Mario must get the prize using his wolf abilities to get first last place. El Matador (aka McCain) enters the tourney to kill Mario and eat "churros" a lot. However, Dora the Explorer eats him while he was revealed to be McCain.


The shame was criticized by heavy wolf content and howls at every single minute. Barack Obama criticized the shame because McCain said that he was Mario.

Units sold

A quarter of a unit is estimated that was sold, apparently to Obama who wanted to poke fun at McCain.

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