Mario and Luigi: Are Pie Jee 3 is a sequel to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Shmaga, to be released for the Nintendo Wee despite actually being for the Nintendon't SDj. It is far more popular because Fawful the Awful will have a much bigger roll as the lead villain and because Mario dies in the end, yet it turns out to be a Koopa Troopa in disguise thus misleading people. Apparently, it only sold 65 copies anyway.


Fawful and featgear

Artwork of Fawful, which is the only artwork of the game because the people who made it were too lazy.

After being beaten in Superstar Shmaga, Fawful gets angry and turns several people into giant weather balloons. After that he force-feeds Bowser a Mexican Dwarf Mushroom, tur

ning him into a snowblower. He then sets the mode of the snowblower to reverse, and it sucks up the Mario Bros.into the snowblower. After managing to take control of the snowblower, Mario and Luigi change it back into Bowser, though they are still trapped inside. The player can control Bowser by having Mario and Luigi whack Bowser's brain with hammers. Mario, Luigi, and Bowser must then find the 4 ancient balloon poppers spread across the kingdom in order to pop the weather balloons before they can destroy something. while they are wasting their time doing this, Fawful takes over Bowser's Castle and finds a mysterious object called the Dork Star. After Mario, Luigi, and Bowser pop the balloons, they find Fawful, but they are to late to stop him. Fawful absorbs the ork Star's power, changing into the vile dark neon fawful. then they fight Fawful and win. Fawful then turns into a scarab beetleand gets eaten by Bowser. Mario and Luigi must then beat him by squirting him with owser's stomach acid. Eventually Fawful/beetle's legs fall off, and the Mario Bros. win! However, he kills Mario using his dark power, although Mario turns out to be a Cupcakesmuggling Koopa Troopa. Fawful changes back to his normal form within Bowser, causing Bowser to explode. Bowser somehow survives, and Fawful gets arrested for killing someone who supplied the Mushroom Kingdom when they ran out of Cupcakes. The end. And, for some reason the bimbo makes a (Horrible, VERY horrible.) cake for Bowser.


The cake that peach baked.

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