Mario and his LOW grades is a school shame starring Mario and his stupid friends when they were students. The game was dumb, stupid and most of all STUPID.

The Students

  • Klungo, the Igor-like stupid
  • Mario, do I must really say how stupid this guy is?
  • Paris Hilton, so-called popular
  • Rosalina, Paris fanatic
  • Gruntilda, the Fairy
  • Goku, A "Hunk"-Ish piece of (bleep).
  • Daisy, Bully-like Terrorist
  • Mr. Patch, Fat (REALLY FAT) Wobbly Inflatable Green Strange Thing
  • Gourmet Guy, too fat that even fits in the room
  • Peach aka Bimbo Head
  • Luigi, the master of dumbness
  • Bowser Jr, three people in one
  • George W. Bush, he didn't learn how to read and respect his classmates...
  • Carita de Angel, only good student.
  • Bowletta, some sort of thing
  • ?, a female question mark
  • D, all he can say is "duh".

What to do

  • You must get the lowest grade of the class; and challenge the bullies to a cupcake-eating contest, kiss the girls (just if you are a BOY), put a Spiny in the teacher's chair, etc. However, there's no storyline, what means that the game is infinite. Many say that evil Bottles appears at night to spook the guys.


  • The shame was criticized by not containing blood.


  • The sales were POOR in Everywhere, no units are estimated.

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