Mario and his LOW grades: The Shake Dimension is a BAD sitcom aired on SMK TV that is the TV version of an epic phail called Mario and his LOW grades distributed by Bowser Pictures. The audience is low and almost everybody hates it. It got cancelled in 2010 for being very stupid.


The story of this never ending program is basically a school full of stupid students, n00bs, nerds, wannabees, bullies, etc. The characters are often st00pid and get LOW grades for no reason. Some guy said that it's Wario's fault because he isn't in the show, for unknown reasons.

It is called the Shake Dimension because Hannah Montana decided to do what was proven to be pointless and shaking the Pii Remote isn't even in the series.


Here are the losers we can see in the series:

  • Miley Cyrus: A person who thinks that she is Tails and has an alter ego, Hannah Montana. She has a Lowtendo 64 created by NintenLOW and she's often sent to talk to the principal, because she plays it during the class. She is in preschool, with a grade of Z--.
  • Tails: A bully who bullies Miley Cyrus because she stole his name, "Miles "Tails" Prower". He is in the 12th grade, with a grade of D-.
  • Mario: Some guy who is one of the dumbest people ever. He is in preschool, with a grade of Y+.
  • Boomerang Guy: a guy who has a boomerang, has one of the worst grades EVER, and likes to flirt Hannah Montana. Despite the name, he isn't a Shy Guy. He is not even in the school! His grade is Z------------------------------------------------.
  • Cackletta: An evil mushroom known for eating people. He is in kindergarten with a grade of Z++.
  • Bob Saget: The popular guy of the school alongside Paris Hilton. He is in college right now, on Freshman, with a grade of O-.
  • Paris Hilton: Peach's alter ego known for doing inappropriate stuff and getting drunk. She is -56 years old and in preschool with a grade of Z---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.
  • Crash Bandicoot: A dog that nobody notices. He is in the 1st grade since 1421, as he got held back for 123 thousand years (Actually, 586 years)! His grade is X+.
  • Luigi: The man in blue, nobody hates him. He becomes Mama Luigi if he gets angry. He has a Nintendo Wee and plays on it in class, so he gets in a lot of trouble, but doesn't talk with the principal because he's Mario's brother. He is in the 6th grade, with a grade of A+.
  • Yoshi: An eater. Everyone kicks his butt. He is in the 6th grade, with a grade of A+.
  • Francis: A nerd that everyone loves. He can be seen flirting with girls via Flirt2Me and saying HI-TEEEEEEEEEEEECH to non-tech things like rocks. He is in the 6th grade, with a grade of A++++++++++++++++++++++++++.
  • Rosalina: A Paris Hilton wannabe who is unpopular beyond all reasons in the galaxy. She has the rare Shame Boy Pocket. She is in the 6th grade with a grade of C-.
  • Baby Dubya: A total nincompoop. He is evil and doesn't know how to respect his colleagues. He is in preschool with a grade of EVIL EVIL AND EVIL.
  • Ç: A C hater and a big bully. He is in the 6th grade, with a grade of BIG BULLY.
  • Chuck Norris: A person who was in school and was already in college. He got A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++, more than anyone ever in existence.
  • Nobody: A person who was once in school, and went to college on the first day, as he was the only student with an A+++++++++++++++++. He is only mentioned in the show.
  • Background characters: More losers like Woody Woodpecker, etc.


Pilot (2007)

001: The Series - May 8, 2007 [Pilot] Note: This pilot was an easter egg on the deluxe edition of Mario and his LOW grades.

Season 1 (2007-2008)

Season 2 (2008-2009)

Season 3 (2009-2010)

Season Box Sets


The show was crappy and was bad. Most of time the people were pointless and King Slime often slimed the scene. And the name Shake Dimension had nothing to do with the show.


Coming Soon

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