Mario the Serial Killer is a shame where Mario kills Evil Guy because he is hated. Evil Guy joins the cheese lovers before Mario kills them. In the end, Mario dies however because he had one 1-up he survives, yet fails at his mission to kill Evil Guy.


  1. . Mario shakes his booty
  2. . Evil Guy sinks Atlantis
  3. . The Doodlebops attack
  4. . Mario gets out an ak-47 and travels to Cuba

And more to come...


That game sucked -Dubya "That game sucked"-A pickle

Mario the Serial Killer 2

Evil Guy has revenge while mario has a picnic.




  1. Evil Guy destroys Puerto Rico
  1. Mario's Secret Weapon 
  1. Mario kills the Doodlebops 
  1. Mario destroys Evil Guy
  1. The End

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