The front cover.

Mario versus His Replacements'
is a successful shame starring Mario where he just decides to beat up his replacements. His replacements are so weak that Mario just breathes to kill them.


One day Nintendo lowers Mario's budget for his participation in many shames. Angered by the fact he almost had enough money to buy some blue cheese, he decides to beat up his many replacements and other guys/haters/freaks along the way. He starts at Peach's Castle where after injuring innocent toads, Princess Peach, and beating up Cario, he sets the castle on fire. So Mario relocates to the pixel palace. Wario comes in and kills Dominic. Mario eats the cheese emeralds as well, but then he turns into a giant mario that dies instantly. After that, That little diaper pooper comes in and brings Mario back to life with an oran berry.


A Pickle

A Box of cheese

A N00b



New Mario


New New Mario and New Mario (Special Level Bosses)

New New New Mario and New New Mario and New Mario (true final bosses)

Baby Mario


Tario is available in the multiplayer and when someone plays as him he is unlocked. But that's impossible, so you can play as him in single player in level 2 and then he opens up the multiplayer.

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