Marshlandia was the country of the Marshmallows. It is currently part of the Squadala Empire.


Marshlandia was once a peaceful land. However, after Marshmallow was eaten, there was a bloody civil war over whether to eat other Marshmallows. Most of the Marshmallows died, and Marshlandia was devastated. Soon after, the Squadala Empire swooped in, wiped out the remaining Marshmallows, and took over Marshlandia. Marshlandia is currently ruled by Squadalalita, the princess of squadala. Marshlandia has the highest mortality rate in all of the Squadala Empire, 10 people die each minute because of repititive squadalas. Not saying squadala after every word was implemented as a law in Marshlandia after Squadalalita couldn't find her doll so she started eating her minions.

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