Meta Kite is a living kite with a Meta Knight mask and sword and who really, really wants to be like Meta Knight, but fails most of 
Meta Kite
the time. He sometimes hangs out with Tabuuu and Yohi. He is a villain in Koybeh 46: The Plastic Shards and Koybeh is the hero. He is the being that caused the creation of EPIC FAIL, considering he tries killing Koybeh all the time and succsesses.  

It is unknown how Meta Kite actually uses his sword, but his ability with it is so profound that while fighting flailing at Sephiroth, (who was trying to steal all of the food Meta Kite stole from Kirby) he missed and tore a hole in teh Spass Tiem Continuem which had to be patched up by Another Sonic Fancharacter.

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