Metroid Prom is a shame that it will be released after you are dead. The story continues with Samus Aran dancing in her school, Bounty Hunter School. But suddenly, Space Pirates take over the school and ruin Samus's life.The space pirates killed her boyfriend and it's up to her to stop them.

Dancing Mode

Metroid Prom includes 6 mini-games that are unlocked by dancing with 5 boys in adventure mode. Dancing Mode is the 1st mini-game to unlock. The objective is to dance with more than 5 boys. It will be rewarded with a Screw Attack if you dance with more than 5 boys.


9000 Levels are located around the school. But Samus won't be able to beat all of them. You have to complete them all 10 times.


Geno briefly appeares in 60 levels, Tuesday Stupidcade, and in the beginning.

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