E MichaelJackson

Before and after

Michael Jackson (sometimes Mikey Jackson, Peter Pan, That guy whose nose was stolen by Waluigi, or That guy ) was a "pop star" that makes songs that torment people and give them nightmares. He was best friends with Dr. Rabbit and the terrible faliure known as George W. Bush. He made a song called "Bad," but it was then stolen by Weird Al and remade into "Fat," who then had it stolen from him by Wario. Jackson found out and sued Weird Al for stealing it and then he and Al sued Wario double for stealing it. When not making songs that crime against humanity, Jackson hides in his basement so the bad people don't get him. During the time he was not hiding from the Bad People, he went around dressed up as Peter Pan, breaking into children's homes and kidnapping them to keep them safe. Jackson thinks he lives in Never Land and refuses to grow up. He also thinks he can fly when it is really just falling with style.

There is a controversy that says Waluigi stole Jackson's nose and super glued it to his face to make himself look more attractive to women. However, Jackson has stated a thousand times that he sold his nose for some magic beans so he could be safe from the bad people.

Recently, Michael Jackson was reportedly killed by his ass cancer. The Powerpuff Guys investigated this crime and found out that he had been assassinated by Evil Guy as he was viewed as a threat to his plans of world domination.

How he killed three people on the toilet

Michael Jackson was singing Thriller in Elvis Presley's bathroom with Kenny Mcormick and Plankton in the toilet. the toilet flushed automatically (eek...) and poison water flushed.

Ironically, two weeks later, he was killed once more (this time permanently) when he came down with an explosive case of diarrhea.

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