Some ugly girl carrying Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus (also known as Miles Tails Prower) is a singer in the UnWorld. She is Hannah Montana's true form! Born in 20000 B.C. on Planet Ugly, she has released 25 albums in the UnWorld. Everybody burned them, because people die whenever they hear her music. Her songs are usually about crap.


Miley Cyrus is known everywhere, because the army often used her voice as a weapon, because it was so HORRIBLE and it killed guys.

Early Life

Tails Stand

Cyrus was born in 20,000 B.C. As a child she often sat in the corner of her school with NO FRIENDS. She cried a lot and was extremely annoying. So her parents buried her. She made it out a day later, and moved to the UnWorld to live a secret life for over 18,000 years.

Later Life


Cyrus bumped into Mario on the Mushroom Kingdom's Annual Garbage Festival of 1899. They were playing Mario Party 100, Nintendo's geekiest creation yet. Mario said "Mama Mia! This girl sounds so horrible she broke all the cups in Peach's castle! So they buried Miley Cyrus again, and she made it out a year later after eating dirt and drinking water from rain.


She sings all over the Marioverse, killing young guys as she sings.


Super Mecha Tails
  • She has NO FANS, except dumb little guys.
  • Amy Rose hates Miley so much she broke everyone's CD in The WHOLE Marioverse. (She is known to be the biggest Miley hater ever.
  • Mario bought her microphone on eBaY in 2007 A.C., but it masqueraded as a bomb and blew up Miley Cyrus.

Quotes made by kids about Miley Cyrus

Mom: Billy, could you please share some cake with Jimmy?

Billy: No!

Mom: Don't make me get Miley Cyrus in here.

Billy: Here Jimmy! You can have ALL my cake if you want!