Mini Mushroom

A Mini Mushroom is supposed to make you small. They have a 99.3% success rate. The other 0.7% of the time, they explode when somebody goes near them, releasing a cloud of oxygen.



Mini Mushrooms were discovered by Bowser when he first arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom. When he ate one, it made him very small. However, he found a normal mushroom which returned him to normal size. Soon afterward, Evil Guy realized that they could be used to make cupcakes, and had them outlawed. The ban continues to this day; however, there is a large trade for Mini Mushrooms on the black market.

The Mini Mushroom Shooting

Main article: The Mini Mushroom Scandal

A Toad police officer uncovered a secret smuggling operation that imported illegal Mini Mushrooms into the Mushroom Kingdom. However, the officer was discovered and shot through the head. Days later, Evil Guy learned of the operation and ordered Popple, who was at the time a freelance bounty hunter, to destroy the smuggling ring, with the promise of a $50,000 reward if he succeeded. The ring was broken and the three surviving members of it were locked up in prison with a twelve-year sentence.