Mona is some girl that is Wario's girlfriend, but he's usually too busy eating her Wario Sandwiches to care. She is the owner of Mona Pizza. She uses a lot of Cheese, which gives her the support of the Cheese Lovers. Her best friend is Ashley, but she doesn't care about anything. Believe it or not, Mona is the main researcher of Cheese and donated to the extensive research of Pickles. Mona is obsessed with Wario Sandwiches, which is the reason she's dating Wario.


  • Mona was born in 1699, which makes her 316 today.
  • in 1799, she had a cheese cake for her 100th b-day
  • Mona was obsessed with cheese since she was born
  • The picture below was taken in 1875. She is now fat and never seen without cheese or a Wario sandwich.
Wario ware

Mona in 1875 with her boyfriend wario and her black-haired witch buddy Ashley

  • She will live forever since the wario sandwiches wario makes for her have a dumb potion.
  • Mona is currently the only non-superhero girl without a wa- clone! Hats off to her!
  • Mona is the one with brown hair

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