Mr. Saturn is a little guy who as a big nose and somehow is able to make odd contraptions that can do things like turn back time. He is also one of the 10,000 guys in the universe who CAN defeat George Volcano. Saturn is used as a projectile in Dead Ness, arguably the most deadly projectile in the game. Mr. Saturn also stars in the shame Saturns vs. Smurfs, as the head of he Saturns. He used to work for NintenDON'T, but got fired during the Videogame Wars because he was a Sonic fan, rather than a Mario fan. Then, he joined "Teh Sawneek Armee".

As a Sonic fan

As a Sonic fan, Saturn became extremely annoying. During this period, he killed over 9000 Mario and Pac-Man fans. In fact, he even led the attack on the Moon, during the Battle of the Green Cheese. When he got fired from Nintendon't, he immediately became a general in the Sonic legion.

After the Downfall of Teh Sawneek Armee

Now Saturn is a bodyguard for Arnold the balloon, and currently lives in a cardboard box in THE INCREDIBLY SAFE REFRIGERATOR.

Mr. saturn

That's him!

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