Mr. Shame and Botch is a  out of a small boy and dark matter. The small boy grew out of the dark matter and became a mascot to the Shame and Botch shames . Still with some dark matter and other evil stuff, Botch decided to become a running champion and put down all of the UnMarioWiki Mascots. He happens to be the main villain of Super UnMarioWiki Mascots 64, working with Waluigi to make sure sharp-chinned people have their chance to rule. He returned to being himself when the UnMarioWiki Mascots used their super abilities to hammer him. Mr. Shame and Botch

sprite of himself as seen in the Shame and Botch shame "Fire".

 is not, contrary to belief, 2-dimensional. He is, in fact, a strange shape that has a back stretching out for miles.

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