Mushroom black game front cover

The games front cover

Mushroom Black
was a super long Wario video game and one of the few games that was not a shame at all. This game over has four hundred levels and 366 mini-bosses, and 30 bosses. This game was so good, that this game is hard easy to find because everyone buys it. Part of its success was that it starred Evil Guy as Wario, and Mario was nowhere to be found.


The Evil Guy is the only Cheese Lover who could not get to the big meeting. But he was lucky because Peachycakes took over the moon and imprisoned the Cheese Lovers. Now, Evil Guy is trying to get the moon back from the Cheese Haters. He succeeds and at the end of the game, he goes home to make another cupcake destroying scheme.

Levels and Bosses and Mini-Bosses

There are too many to list. But all of the mini bosses were the 365 Sisters and their brother.The final boss was Peachycakes, who fell into boiling cheese and was killed.


Mushroom Black was reviewed by no other than the famous ArcadeHobo, who gave it a happy dung-dung 5/5, commenting, "Yay! Anothur good shame! It's spoocky, butt fun! Yummy onyuns! Moar shamez, pleez!"


Yet another sequel will be made called Mushroom Gray.

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