Mushroom Kingdom
Where: The UnWorld
Inhabitants/Residents: Over 9000 for sure
When created/discovered Created by Porky in 99281 B.C.
Size: 10 403km³
The Mushroom Kingdom is a depressing place with Toads. Specifically, the name is supposed to be The

The Mushroom Kingdom

Mushroom Monarch Empire. Peach is the universal tyrant of this land and has an alliance with Sarasaland, and its dictator Daisy. The Mushroom Kingdom has been the location of many wars and battles, including the Toad Revolt, The Videogame War, The Videogame War II, and at one point the Hyrulian Civil War. It is often the subject of random attacks from Hater groups such as the Shy Guy Mafia.

Places of no Interest

  • Peach's Castle - A dark and evil castle, full of walking mushrooms, most of them angry, violent, and stupid.

A sign that let's you know when you're in the mushroom kingdom

*Mario's Pad - The place where pesky plumbers live.
  • Toad Town - The capital, universally hated in all corners of the kingdom. It was been the target of many of Morshu's BOMB attempts.
  • Yoshi's Island - A very lonely island that was enslaved by the Mushroom Kingdom after the Yoshi's Island Scandal. Population is 135,153, according to Chuck Norris.
  • Carrot Garden - A mythical, extremely boring place, filled with angry spaghetti worms, Pogeymans, and Zeldas. It never experiences day at all, being directly under the Floating Derp Castle. This is the cause for the amount of depressed guys who live there.
  • Nim-Nom Land - Chowder, Mung Daal, Schnitsel, Billy and Mandy live here, along with a multitude of Goombas and Trolls.


The kingdom was built in 0.8787481231 seconds by Porky, inside the INCREDIBLY SAFE REFRIGERATOR, in 99281 B.C. He was lonely, and he wanted people to talk to, since he was inside a refrigerator. However as soon as he found out that it was inhabited by talking mushrooms, he raged, and quit on the new land. 

The period that followed was known as the World 36 Period, because the Mushroom Kingdom, then known as the Toad Land, was unruled, and was completely messed up. This period lasted from 1 year after its creation, 99280 B.C., until 32069 B.C. The northern part of the Mushroom Kingdom, the Lava Fields and Nim-Nom Land were conquered by the Yushites, the old and bearded natives of Yoshi's Island, ending the world 36 period, and starting the Yoshi Period.

Over time, the Toads in the southern part of the land started to become organized, and created a small nation, Toadlandia. It lasted from 28875 B.C. to 14210 B.C., where it collapsed from lack of Cheese supplies and invasion. Toadlandia was considered by the Yushites to be completely screwed and they decided to take over the weak country. The capital of Toadlandia, Datplaceyonoobies, fell to the Yushites in 14211 B.C.

In the mid 9000s B.C., the Wa tribe of Yoshis, along with some angry Toads, staged several rebellions against the Yushites. In 9001 B.C., the leader of the Wa's, Watoadiclitiousion, declared war on itself, starting the Yushite Civil War. In just one year, the entire Mushroom Kingdom was independent, the Toads having won the civil war because the Yushites kepts tripping on their beards, and most of them were so old that when they tried to fight they turned into dust. The new country became known as Waland. In 9000 B.C., the Yoshi Period ended, and the Wa period began.

The Wa period was generally a happy period, aside from the fact that the Wa's killed at least 100 citizens daily for fun. One day some angry woman casually killed the leader of the Wa's, Wawawawawabob. His successor, Watoad, declared civil war, which was eaily won by Peach and her Sunshine Happy Powers. In 2013 B.C., the Wa period ended, as did Waland. This was the beginning of the Mushroom Kingdom and Peach's vile rule.

Not much went on in the Mushroom Kingdom until the Videogame Wars in the 1600s. Realizing that their land might be destroyed, Peach offered Flipside to the Sonic fans in order to make peace. Instead of taking control of the important city, they actually devoured it, even the buildings and the people. She then declared war on Sonic fans. Also, there was one Pac-Man fan involved, so she declared war on them too.

After they helped the Mushroom Kingdom fight off the Pac-Man fans at the Battle of the Shiny Turd, the people of Sarasaland became valuable allies to the Mushroom Kingdom, and helped them overcome the two warring factions.

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