The Mushroom Math is a complicated type of math taught in schools of the Mushroom Kingdom, Yoshi's Island, and rarely Island Dolphino.


Cooking Math

One-up Mushroom + Star = Invincishroom

Cooking Math is a type of Mushroom Kingdom math. This math is helpful for when you're an adult and you cook, because the math problems are recipes for food. The Cooking Math is really hard to master, and is not taught in Fifth Grade but it is taught in Private Schools.

There is also the "Reverse Cooking Math", where it is like subtracting.

Invincishroom - Star = One Up Mushroom

Bigger Than

 Mega Mushroom > Mini Mushroom < Mushroom
 One Up Mushroom = Mushroom

Easy kind of math, this kind of math says what kind of Mushroom is bigger than what kind of Mushroom. This math also tells what is bigger-a Fire Flower or Mushroom, or other kind of items like Stars.


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