A propaganda poster found in Nairobi. Weegee created it after he took over Nairobi.

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The constant search for Adobe (and, to a much lesser extent, Mario) here in Nairobi.

“You won't find Adobe here in Nairobi!”

Nairobi, Kenya is the setting of several Mario shames, as well as home to Weegee prior to his death. As shown in the shame Mario is Finally Missing!, Weegee initially visited the area in hopes to reclaim artifacts stolen by his friend Bowser and save his kidnapped brother Mario, but soon decided to move in (aka seize it with his dark powers) due to the city's spectacular hotels. (Which would soon be the subject of a whole other shame after Mario is Finally Missing! was received so well.) Weegee described life in Nairobi as very fine, but was disappointed by the fact that he couldn't seem to find Adobe there. It turns out that another Weegee, Awphysaur, has confiscated all of Adobe in Nairobi.


The legendary city was bombed and destroyed by two Hatred Copters. No Weegees was left alive.

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