Napoleon on his Motorcycle, about to run over someone...

Napoleon Bonaparte is a French guy who leads the Foreign Legion. He is notable for his role in the Yoshi's Island Scandal, where he led the Foreign Legion to victory over Yoshi. He is also notable for possessing the only copy of the Revival Machine in the whole entire world. This makes him one of the four people in the whole world to has the power to revive someone (but only three times-after the fourth death, he or she is gone forever). The other three are Shigeru Miyamoto, Weeygas, and Nobody. However, due to the Plot Hole Law of Healing, they are never used.

Because of this, many people come to his house to bother him about reviving someone or something but he never takes requests and only revives the one he wants revived. Napoleon, after the cancelling of the Foreign Legion, started his barber shop. Since he was a "no trash at all" guy, he picked up every scrap of hair that fell on the floor and put it all in a box. After he shut down the barber shop, he keeps all of his customer's hair in his garage. This was how he was able to revive Weegee.

After reviving Weegee, he was arrested and jailed under charges of Crimes Against Toadkind. As he was only 3'2, he was able to crawl through the jail bars and escape out the window. Days later, he was discovered by NintenDO, hiding in a hole made of Cheese. He was kidnapped, and forced to star in a shame called Super Napoleon Kill Spree, where he was supposed to go on a rampage. It was cancelled due to a glitch that made the console turn into a black hole when you pressed Start. After reviving several million Goombas, overrunning the studio, he escaped, and returned to a shack on the Moon.

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