New Luigi's: Punch Your Brains Out is a Game Triangle shame made by Nintendo. Its a remake of the original more violent game (Punch Your Brains Out!!!) made by Nintendon't.


The object is very simple. All you have to do is punch your opponents lights out before "Your" lights get punched out!!! Very simple, but also very satisfying!


New Luigi: Your main/final opponent.

Big Mac: You.

Glass Joe: A guy made entirely out of glass.

Cardboard Joe: A guy made entirely out of cardboard. (Brother of Glass Joe.)

King Hippo: King of the hippos.

King Blobby: A human blob.

Bear Hugger: Some fat dude who hugs bears.

Bald Bull: A bald bull.

Waldo: Retardedly easy guy.

The King: King of the kings. (is that possible?)

Bowser: HIM TOO?!?!?!? (looks like EVERYBODY we knows in this game!)

Evil Guy-The real final oppent. He eats New Luigi and tries to punch your brains out, DUH!

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