New Mario's Ultimate Cupcake Machine is the thirteenth episode of The Super Evil Guy Super Show! It is the final episode of Season 1.


New Mario builds a cupcake machine that nearly destroys Evil Guy and co.


Scene 1

Cut to NEW MARIO's lab. NEW MARIO is there, as is LUIGI. NEW MARIO is working on something

NEW MARIO: At last... it's complete!
LUIGI: What is, Boss?

NEW MARIO reveals a huge machine. It looks like a tank

NEW MARIO: The Ultimate Cupcake Machine! With this, we can finally destroy Evil Guy! Alright, everyone in!

NEW MARIO hops in the machine, along with LUIGI and some STICKMEN

NEW MARIO: Next stop, Evil Guy Tower.

The Ultimate Cupcake Machine moves out

Scene 2

NEW MARIO, in his Cupcake Machine, rides up to Evil Guy Tower. LUIGI and the STICKMEN follow

NEW MARIO: Evil Guy! Come out and surrender!

EVIL GUY exits the tower, with PICKLE, FERNANDO, and SHADOW KIRBY

EVIL GUY: Why should I surrender?
NEW MARIO: If you don't, my cupcake machine will destroy you!
PICKLE: Oh yeah?
EVIL GUY: Prove it!
NEW MARIO: Very well.

A hatch on the Cupcake Machine opens up, and a cannon pops out. The cannon fires a cupcake. The cupcake blasts a hole straight through Evil Guy Tower

EVIL GUY: Oh crap!
NEW MARIO: Now do you see?

An epic battle begins. NEW MARIO quickly sets the Cupcake Cannon to autofire. It starts shooting Evil Guy Tower. Meanwhile, EVIL GUY rushes at NEW MARIO. Meanwhile, PICKLE starts fighting LUIGI, while FERNANDO and SHADOW KIRBY fight the STICKMEN

SHADOW KIRBY: Boss! We're losing!
EVIL GUY: I have an idea!

EVIL GUY kicks NEW MARIO, who goes flying into LUIGI. EVIL GUY then jumps onto the Cupcake Machine. He finds the self-destruct button and pushes it

COMPUTER VOICE: 10 seconds to self-destruct. 9. 8.
NEW MARIO: This isn't the last of us!

NEW MARIO and his army flee

EVIL GUY: Uh, guys?
PICKLE: Yeah, boss?
EVIL GUY: Let's get out of here!

EVIL GUY and co hide behind a tree

COMPUTER VOICE: 3. 2. 1. 0. Have a rotten day.

The Cupcake Machine explodes, sending metal flying around and damaging Evil Guy Tower even more. Later, EVIL GUY and co. are standing around and looking at Evil Guy Tower

EVIL GUY: This place is a wreck.
PICKLE: Well, I called someone to fix it.
EVIL GUY: What do we do until then?
SHADOW KIRBY: Let's live in Toad Town!
EVIL GUY: Great idea. Alright, guys, to Toad Town!


Morals of the Story

Stay the HELL away from Cupcake machines, especially ultimate ones.


This episode was the last in the first season.

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