the case and disk of nsmbps for GameCube

New Super Mario Pallette Swaps
is the sequal to Super Mario Palette Swaps, where this game had updated graphics. It was for the Nintendo SD and GameCube.


Mario was taking a walk with Peach one day. However, the brat Bowser Jr. kidnapped her while Mario had to go the bathroom, despite the fact he realized there's no bathroom at her castle. Mario saw Bowser Jr. run as he was going behind a bush, and so he ran after him. After going through eight worlds, terrozing innocent people who were walking or practicing throwing stuff, he finally defeated Bowser with his son. Right before Mario auctually saved Peach, it trned out that Bowser Jr. was REALLY Bob the Builder in disguise! After a long and grueling battle, Mario won. However, Peach asploded from waiting so long, and Mario was trapped on the platform below her corpse. Thus, he died as Bowser's castle blew up. But one day, Napoleon Bonaparte was walking by so he picked them up and put them in his Revival Machine and made them pay over 9000 coins or he would kill them again. Peach grabbed a Toad that was passing and took his wallet and gave it to Napoleon. After that Peach and Mario went back to the castle and ate lotsa' toads i mean Spahgetti.


After finishing the game, codes for playing as Luigi, Wario, Yoshi, Dora the Explorer, and Ronald McDonald are revealed. Plus a mini-game starring Waluigi was unlocked as well as a Head Asploding Contest mini-game.


  • Action
    • (Secret) Head Asploding Contest - A contest where you try to asplode the most heads
    • (Secret) Boxing - A boxing match against Waluigi. In later rounds, you face Bill Gates, George W. Bush, Evil Guy and Toadsworth.
    • Jump! - A Mini-Game where you have to jump over stuff and get the Power Star at the end.
    • Goomba Brawl - A game where you play as a Goomba and you have to fight other Freaks from the Shame, and after twenty rounds, you have to face another Goomba.
  • Puzzle
    • Minefield - Help Mario and company find the where the Mines are in the field.
    • Find it! - A game where you have to find something before the time runs out.

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