This is a Shame made by That Dang Idiotic Company, A.K.A. Nintendo.

It was(UnLike Most Shames.)NOT rated by Evil ESRB.


Mr. Beans hxh 2011

Slime Guy

Chapter 1

It takes place at Nim-nom Land, Where Nim-nom Turns Goomba's into Unicorn's, A Mushroom eats a unicorn, and Nim-nom flips out.

Baby Luigi comes and blows up a piece of This TalkPage.

Nim-nom says: "Let's Go, Hater!" Baby luigi just runs away.

Now, You have to turn the mushroom into a unicorn to win the level.

Chapter 2



Nim-nom must kill a lot of Teletubbies.

Now, you idioticly enter Daisy's Castle.

Daisy trys nukeing Nim-nom Land.

So, Now ya have to kill daisy.

So, you turn her into a unicorn.

Chapter 3

Nim-nom is now FACE-2-FACE with a teletubby.


Now, you have to turn the teletubby into a unicorn.

After you do, Baby Waluigi comes and steals you're Cheese.

So you chase him into Toys R Us.

Chapter 4

So, you're in Toys R Us.

Baby Waluigi Eats you're cheese.

You now have to turn baby waluigi into a unicorn.

After words, evil guy shows up and says "Why So Serious?"

You Nuke His House.

You now find baby luigi, who you ACTUALLY want to kill.

You turn him into a unicorn.

Now, the incredible hulk comes and says: "What Time Is It? ADVENTURE TIME!" You kill him


Wait, NO, THE GAME'S NOT OVER! Ash Ketchum/Killer appears, and he takes your soul. Plus, He lets pikachuz eat your body.



A sequel is planned, BUT, That's a secret. Ok, I'll tell you! The sequel is: Nim-nom and Baby Luigi: Bowser Jr's Outside Story.

Refferences in other Shames.

Toad Fu-You kill people a lot in that shame, you do it too in this shame.

Weegee Wars- You nuke evil guy's house too in this shame, and you also kill the incredible hulk.


Nim Nom Land: Beware the Forest's Mushrooms - Super Mario RPG

Nim Nom Land Minigame: Beware the Forest's Mushrooms - Super Mario RPG

Nim Nom Battle: Fight Against a Somewhat stronger monster - Super Mario RPG

Teletubbie Battle: Barrel Volcano - Super Mario RPG

Credits:Sad Song - Super Mario RPG