Nintendo's new logo, during The Digital Wars between the Nintendominators and The Microslayers.

Location: Hill valley
Founder: Fusajiro Yamauchi
Creation date: 1889
Company type: Video game company

Nintendo also known as NintenDO is a Japanese company which produces video games of Mario, Link and many others. Nintendo usually makes games rated E (Everyone) and once every two months a T rated game (Teen). They are actually a very successful company except the fact many of the characters they hired suck. They are enemies of NintenDON'T and all their games are great. They made a movie called Nintendo Road Trip. Shigeru Miyamoto works for them. Their logo is only red because they didn't have a lot of money when making it. Occasionly, they work with the obsurce companies NintenLOW, TINtendo, NinTENdo, NintenWHOA, NintenBOARD, BRAINtendo, and NONtendo. They are apparently robots. Many other companies, for example Sony, had attempted to bring forth Nintendo's downfall before NintenDON'T did, but they phailed and were turned into Cupcakes. Microsoft Sam was their 15th president and one of the Ancient Geeks but he made them Toast which is a heavily radioactive substance and he was banished to Subway Space.

NintenDO's greatest game was Send That Fax, selling, like over 9000 COPIES! WOW!

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