Nintendo Characters Smash the Crap Outta Each Other was one of the most successful shames in the Nintendo series. In the game, you smash the crap outta everyone. The playable characters are everyone in the Mario series. The main person you have to kill is Toad. You kill him because he's stupid.

Random Info/Tips

Bowser is very difficult to beat but only because he performs ridiculously powerful moves when he's not hiding in his spiky shell the whole darn time. However, Meta Knight is the hardest to beat because he counters everything and all of his moves are very cheap. There are no rules, so a lot of people do things that are totally unfair like blowing each other away with a hydrogen bomb. The Molotov cocktail is Luigi's favorite move. Luigi often loses because he has such a crappy aim. He torches himself and get smashed the crap outta while stop, dropping and rolling.


  • Mario Moves: Hit w/Plunger, Throw Goomba, Eat Blue Waffles, and Go Down a Pipe to Nowhere
  • Luigi Moves: Molotov cocktail, Sleep, Eat Orange Waffles, and Stop, Drop, 'n' Roll!!
  • Toad Moves: Sleep, Sleep, Sleep, Sleep, and Yawn
  • Wario Moves: Eat, Fart, Eat Garlic, and Fat Shield
  • Peach Moves: Wiggle Toad, Dress Attack, Umbrella, and Turnip Toss
    • NOTE these are also her moves in a fun game known as Super Smash Bros. BRAWL
  • Link Moves: Mutilate, Spatula Whap, Blow Up China, and Die
  • Meta Knight Moves: Cheap Move, Very Cheap Move, Really Cheap Move, Extremely Cheap Move
  • Bowser Moves: Hide in Shell, Atomic Bomb, Death Ray, and Lava Storm
  • Weegee Moves: Throw Guiyii, Soda Bottle Missile, Ballerina Spin, Chair Toss
  • Malleo Moves: Hypothermia, Spontaneous Combustion, Suffocation, and Disintegrate.
  • Ronald McDonald Moves: Botox Injection, Kick Tiger Woods, Mustard Launch, Lamp Throw

How to Unlock Characters

  • Bowser: Win a battle as Toad
  • Weegee: Throw your game system out the window
  • Malleo: Lose 40 matches against Luigi
  • Ronald McDonald: Sue all of the members of your family.

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