Why of course it's 2D! It's not a "cube," it's a "square."

The Nintendo GameSquare, or NGS for short, is thenewest and awful Nintendo console. It features backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 0.5 and uses a squared disc for storing games. It's also possible to watch Bob the Builder and Po Unleashed! in the console. It is now discontinued due to low sales and enough costumers to buy this console. Note that Satoru Iwata loves Po Unleashed! so he decided to do this. However, it's too big to carry and heavy. This console has made a cameo appearance in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Crime when Bowser evilly dropped it out of a 50 story apartment because of its heaviness and it hit Mario on the head, causing him to contract amnesia, forget everyone of his friends and relatives including Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach and support evil. Luigi fell into spiraling depression, Yoshi just kept on saying "Yoshi! Yoshi!" like he always does, and Peach discovered it was Bowser, so she went and borrowed Daisy's Plasma Cannon to ANNIHLATE BOWSER FOREVER!!!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!!! She sees something green up ahead and thinks it is Bowser's shell, so she shoots it, but it turns out to be Cosmo the Seedrian, so Peach takes her to Dr. Toadley, who classifies her as a rare Pokémon because of her resemblance to Gardevoir and Kirlia. After that happens, The Evil Zombie PlayStation 3 Consoles that Malleo and Weegee were fighting for 300 years come and steal((alex0225)) much to Mario's dismay (he had seen his first love interest after Peach after he gained amnesia). So Mario went and destroyed the zombie queen and halted the advance of them. He was about to say to Cosmo how he felt about her, but then Malleo and Weegee come with the Cauldron of Evil and threaten Cosmo. This is her unlucky day today. They soon found out that she can float in the air for a while. She escaped Malleo and Weegee and used the power stars to return to her world, but not before she said goodbye to Mario in a romantic tone of voice. It turned out that Cosmo was related to Luigi since they both wear green.
Me breaking my GameCube!00:54

Me breaking my GameCube!

A boy showing his satisfaction with the console.



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