The Nintendo Pii is the newest console. It only plays Mario games because it is stupid. Once you start the game, you see Mario peeing on you, and to win, you have to pee on you. This happens everytime you put in a game because it can't read the disc, because it is blind when you pee on it. They only sell Piis at the Mario Stupid Store.


Hardware Specs

Who cares?


It has been proven impossible to list all Pii games.


Pii games actually are playable. Just pop a Pii disc into a Nintendo Wee. When word spread of this amazing secret, nobody bought the Pii again. Not that anyone bought it in the first place.


MAH BOI. I mean, Trivia

  • The Pii is the only console to have a rating. It's rated NSFW, for Narcotic Sonic Fire Weegee.
  • In Swedenland, it's rated NDPA, for Not Daft Punk Approved, because Swedenlandians only play shames that are Daft Punk- approved.

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