Ninrendo SD

The Nintendo Sd shows off its innovative dual screen.

Nintendo SD is a console created by Shiggy and Iwata when they were thinking on bugs. The console actully looks like a bug. These consoles are inutile and full of glitches; for fixing this, Nintendon't created Nintendo SD - Trading Card Game to make people change consoles by cards with the Nintendo SD picture; people are so dumb that didn't notice that all the cards are EQUAL. It uses bacon as a stylus to allow the user to control their character and draw FARTS on the screen.


The use of bacon as a stylus has been criticized because people would keep eating their styli and having to buy new ones, and decreasing their lifespans until they died on the spot. In addition, the Nintendo SD's screen would get greasy.


  • After 10,000,000,000 of people bought the Nintendo SD, Nintendo turned off the Why-Fi connection to turn on the Nintendo SD Phat connection; what made online-gamers eat their consoles. The Games Are Super Mario Luigi 64
  • Successors: Nintendo SD Phat (Slogan: Fatter, Bigger and Slower!); Nintendo SD Obese (Even Fatter, Bigger and Slower! Touch Retardition), Nintendo SDj.
  • People nowadays can find this console in restaurants to eat it with pasta.

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