Their logo, which is TOTALLY NOT a ripoff of Nintendo's logo.

Location: uhh.. somewhere in the UnWorld
Founder: Toad (as the Weegee Company)

Evil Guy (as Nintendon't)

Creation date: 1978
Company type: Video shame company

Nintendon't is the rival company to Nintendo. Nintendon't usually makes games rated AO (Adults Only) and once every three months an M rated game (Mature). Nintendon't sometimes just HAS to work with Nintendo to make Mario sound effects, But because Nintendon't likes mature stuff they always make bad things that are badder than a robber norris. 


In 1978 years the PEGI RATING Borad was made, a stupid idiot who participated in the Toad Revolt made this company, although Dry Mario also collaborated with him. They where first known as The Weegee Company, but Weegee filed a lawsuit, saying they couldn't use his name, so they decided to change the company's name but couldn't think of anything. Then, Evil Guy bought the nameless company and transformed it into Nintendon't, making it what it is today.

Grand Theft Seaseme Street 5

In 201x Nintendon't will make a game with Wario, called Grand Theft Seaseme Street 5. It will be a HD game that will be realeased on the PiiU.

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